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Joint Replacement

Why Choose Mississippi Valley Surgery Center for your Joint Replacement surgery?

The Team at MVSC is completely focused on your success and return to a pain free lifestyle. We believe in a comprehensive approach to Joint Replacement surgery. This includes your orthopaedic surgeon, nurses, physical therapists, and other members of the healthcare team that are completely focused on getting you healthy!

This year, we enjoyed reaching the milestone of performing over 2,500 joint replacement surgeries since the inception of our joint replacement program.  The success of our program is based on clinically superior outcomes, cost effective care, and most importantly our patients that definitely recommend us to their friends and family for surgical care.  We are proud to be a part of a surgical experience that our patients can feel good about.

Our first joint replacement occurred in June, 2003. Joint replacements in the outpatient setting were a new concept; therefore, few cases were done until approximately June 2007. At that time, the number of patients choosing to have their joint replacement here at our facility began to grow significantly. Patients, as well as surgeons and staff, realized that joint replacement in an ambulatory surgery center setting not only made sense, but that patients recovered faster, had fewer complications and had better experiences than in a hospital setting.

We are proud to be the areas only outpatient surgery center performing outpatient Total Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Ankle replacements. The surgical experts at MVSC have developed the techniques required to ensure an optimal surgical experience and the ability to recover in the safety of your own home which allows for less cost and a faster recovery. Our best advocates of outpatient total joint replacement are our patients. Here is what they have to say about their joint replacement experience at MVSC.

“What is Total Knee Replacement surgery?”

The knee joint is composed of three parts: the end of the femur (thigh bone), the top of the tibia (shin bone), and the patella (knee cap). In a normal knee, these three bones are covered with a smooth cartilage that cushions the bones and enables them to move easily. In the arthritic knee, the cartilage layers are destroyed resulting in bone rubbing against bone which causes pain, muscle weakness and limited motion. Total knee replacement surgery involves the resurfacing of the knee joint. Metal components are cemented to the ends of the bones and a plastic liner is inserted between them. The kneecap is also resurfaced with a plastic liner. When in place, these components move together to allow normal motion of the knee joint. Bow leg or knock knee deformity can usually be corrected by the new alignment.

“What is Total Hip Replacement surgery?"

Your hip joint is composed of two parts:  the round head of the femur (the ball) and the acetabulum (the cup or socket in your pelvis). In a normal hip joint these two bones are coated with smooth articular cartilage that allows them to move against each other without friction or pain. In an arthritic hip, the cartilage layers are destroyed, and bone rubs against bone causing pain and limiting motion.  Hip replacement surgery replaces your arthritic hip joint with an artificial joint composed of a ball component and a socket component.  The metal ball is attached to a stem that fits into your thigh bone. This component can be cemented or non-cemented depending on your age and the condition of your bone. A plastic liner with an outer metal sheet is secured into your pelvis.  A combination of a cemented ball and a non-cemented socket also may be used. Your orthopedic surgeon will choose the type of components that best meets your individual needs.  Once in place, the artificial ball and socket functions in essentially the same manner as your natural hip.


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Joint Replacement Surgeons: Dr. John Hoffman, Dr. Tuvi Mendel, Dr. Ryan Pokorney

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