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Endoscopy Pre-Registration

To complete the endoscopy pre-registration process online

Please click the Simple Admit button, click “Patient Start Here” and enter the password provided to you by your physician office.

Endoscopy Patients

Registering prior to your procedure prepares our staff for your arrival. Though the Center is a separate entity from your physicians’ office, in most cases the physician office will provide us with your demographic and insurance information. If you do not register online, you will receive a call from a endoscopy nurse who will review your medical history and any medications you are taking so we can prepare for your visit. Should we have any questions related to your insurance or demographics, one of our pre-registration specialists may contact you directly to verify your information.
We may request that you have lab work or other tests performed prior to yourprocedure. Please check with your insurance to verify that this and other healthcareproviders related to your procedure are in your network.
If you do not pre-register, your procedure may be delayed or cancelled.

We understand you may feel anxious or nervous about your upcoming procedure. Our compassionate staff will respectfully answer all of your questions so you understand what to expect while you are in our care.