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model of a joint
Mako Smart Robotics System

Mako SmartRobotics System

a smart solution for joint pain, where surgeons see more, and you keep more

Mako SmartRobotics™ is an innovative solution for many suffering from painful arthritis of the knee or hip. Mako uses a 3D CT-based planning software so your surgeon can know more about your anatomy to create a personalized joint replacement surgical plan.

The Mako difference

In clinical studies, Mako resulted in:

  • More accurate placement and alignment of implants.
  • Better protection of soft tissue and ligaments.
  • Less likelihood of dislocation.
  • Reduced blood loss.
  • Lower pain scores.
  • Replication of the feeling of a natural joint.
  • Preservation of healthy bone.

The first step is patient-specific surgical planning. Before surgery, a CT scan of your knee is taken to develop a 3D virtual model of your unique joint. Your doctor uses this model to evaluate your bone structure, disease severity, joint alignment and even the surrounding bone and tissue, so they can determine the optimal size, placement and alignment of your implant.

Throughout your procedure, Mako provides real-time data to your surgeon. This allows them to continuously assess the movement and tension of your new joint, and adjust your surgical plan if desired.

In the operating room, your surgeon guides Mako’s robotic arm to remove the arthritic bone and cartilage from the joint. A virtual boundary provides tactile resistance to help the surgeon stay within the boundaries defined in your surgical plan.

As the surgeon prepares to place the implant into its final position, the robotic-arm guides the implant at the desired angle defined in the surgical plan. This helps ensure the placement and alignment of the implant are performed according to plan.

To learn more about these procedures and our surgeons who perform Joint Replacement, visit Orthopaedic Specialists.