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You have the power to choose.

Healthcare delivery has changed and patients do have choices about how they are treated and where procedures are performed.  We are the Quad Cities largest multi-specialty outpatient surgery center.  Patients from around the Quad Cities area and beyond choose to do their outpatient procedures at Mississippi Valley Surgery Center or Mississippi Valley Endoscopy Center.  That's because most people feel physically and emotionally more comfortable in an outpatient environment.  And because our team specializes in outpatient surgeries and procedures, we are experts in the latest, proven techniques that lead to better outcomes and faster recovery for you.  You'll quickly realize the process is much more convenient and more personal than a hospital setting.  From registration through discharge, our centers offer a relaxed environment with medical staff focused on offering individualized patient care.  Finally... an option that fits your lifestyle.  The choice is yours.

I was in a life-threatening car accident and I am very thankful to all the nurses at the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center who helped me feel comfortable physically and mentally...


I absolutely felt my anesthesiologist was the best ever. She really took her time to make me feel comfortable. She knew I had gotten sick from the anesthesia before and wanted to...


Doctors, nurses, aides, anesthesia, and receptionist were extremely kind, going beyond their duties to make my visit a very good experience.


The nurse was very good talking to my son and helping him to remain calm. She also offered me a beverage and magazines while we waited for the doctor. The nurse in the room before...


Everyone who participated in my care did an excellent job. I was very satisfied. Made my experience pleasant. Took all my fears of this away. I would not be afraid to do it again.


I was very anxious, never having general anesthesia before and concerned about getting sick afterwards. All of my nurses and anesthesia were very reassuring and answered questions...


They were all so professional. From the front desk, nurses, doctor, until they took me to the front door, it was all done with care and concern.


I've had three different surgeries here. They were all so caring to me, the doctors, nurses, and staff from the check-in to check-out. This is a top-notch center and we are...


Everyone kept my sixteen month old daughter happy and loved. Clearly they are a child/family oriented facility.


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