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Surgeries and Procedures

Contrary to belief, most patients can choose their specialist.

Our Specialties

Quad Citians have many choices regarding specialists who are board-certified and fellowship trained in a number of disciplines.

Mississippi Valley Health's network of specialists is allied in partnership with Mississippi Valley Surgery Center and Mississippi Valley Endoscopy Center so that patients can make their own choices regarding the quality of care they receive in a setting respectful of their time and circumstances.

Every one of our specialists is dedicated to providing health care as it should be, with a focus to employ the most effective treatments that get patients back home and recovering quickly.

Not sure if your doctor practices at our center's? Check out our online directory of physicians and specialists who offers procedures at Mississippi Valley Surgery Center and Mississippi Valley Endoscopy Center as a high-quality and affordable option to patients.

Is it time for a specialist?

Your lower back hurts when you wake up and you can’t lift the kids.  Maybe your nose has been running for months, and you suspect more than an allergy. Or, you’ve been consuming over-the-counter antacids for years and your stomach still hurts.  The question crosses your mind:  Is it time to see a specialist?

Our rule of thumb: For a new complaint, your physician should have a working diagnosis by the end of the first visit. And, after one or two visits and two courses of treatment (approximately 1-2 months), if you don’t see noticeable improvement for your symptoms, it’s time to consider a specialist.

Find a Physician

Need help finding a specialist for a particular health concern or need a second opinion? Our network of physicians and specialists cover a wide variety of practice areas – many of whom utilize the convenient and cost-effective outpatient services at our facilities.