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I was in a life-threatening car accident and I am very thankful to all the nurses at the Mississippi Valley Surgery Center who helped me feel comfortable physically and mentally. I was very anxious, but they explained the process and helped me relax and feel comfortable. The entire staff made me feel safe and as comfortable as possible during a traumatic time in my life. What could have been a career-ending injury has only been a minor set-back. I could tell they cared about my recovery and needs as a person — more than just as a patient. I highly recommend the Surgery Center to anyone having a surgical procedure done.

Anna, Surgery Patient

I absolutely felt my anesthesiologist was the best ever. She really took her time to make me feel comfortable. She knew I had gotten sick from the anesthesia before and wanted to try to make me feel comfortable. She did, because I did not get sick at all. How do you say thank you enough when someone takes such good care of you?

Teresa, Surgery Patient

Doctors, nurses, aides, anesthesia, and receptionist were extremely kind, going beyond their duties to make my visit a very good experience.

Mary , Surgery Patient

The nurse was very good talking to my son and helping him to remain calm. She also offered me a beverage and magazines while we waited for the doctor. The nurse in the room before his scope was very compassionate, when she escorted me out of the room she gave me a hug! I'm in the medical field but it's different when it's your child.

Pamela , Endoscopy Patient

Everyone who participated in my care did an excellent job. I was very satisfied. Made my experience pleasant. Took all my fears of this away. I would not be afraid to do it again.

Anonymous , Endoscopy Patient

I was very anxious, never having general anesthesia before and concerned about getting sick afterwards. All of my nurses and anesthesia were very reassuring and answered questions I had. I felt in their eyes I was the only patient at the time even though I wasn’t. They were awesome. During my recovery they seemed to read my face and could tell I was starting to have some nausea. They were on it. I am not one to take a lot of medications, but they gave me just enough to get me over the edge and I never got sick. Thank you to all for such great care and a good experience.

Patricia , Surgery Patient

They were all so professional. From the front desk, nurses, doctor, until they took me to the front door, it was all done with care and concern.

Thomas , Surgery Patient

I've had three different surgeries here. They were all so caring to me, the doctors, nurses, and staff from the check-in to check-out. This is a top-notch center and we are so blessed to have them in Davenport, Iowa.

Sylvia, Surgery Patient

Everyone kept my sixteen month old daughter happy and loved. Clearly they are a child/family oriented facility.

Elizabeth Surgery Patient

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