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Why Patients Choose Outpatient Surgery Centers

June 28, 2024

The Surgery Center Next Door: Why Patients Choose Outpatient Surgery Centers

Between vacations, kids’ activities and enjoying the sunshine, summer is a jam-packed season. If you’re planning to have a surgical procedure, don’t assume it will derail your summer. Depending on the complexity of your medical needs, having your procedure at an ambulatory surgery center can give you the opportunity to recover at home that same day and help you get back to your normal self in no time.

Thanks to advancements in surgical techniques, anesthesia and pain management, more than half of all surgical procedures can be performed at an outpatient surgery center rather than a hospital. Since 1996, Mississippi Valley Surgery Center (MVSC) in Davenport, Iowa, has worked with physicians from a variety of specialties to offer a convenient, patient-centered facility for outpatient surgical services.

Today more than 9,000 procedures are performed each year with the help of 110 staff members – including clinical and nonclinical personnel – under the direction of a physician-led Board of Directors. Because MVSC and its partnering providers specialize in outpatient surgeries and procedures, patients can be confident that they have access to the latest, proven techniques that lead to better outcomes and faster recovery times.

Unsure whether an outpatient surgery center is right for you? Read on for the top five reasons to choose a facility like MVSC.

  1. Scheduling that fits into your life.

By the time a patient gets to the point of needing surgery, they’ve likely waited months to see their doctor and get the appropriate treatment plan. While scheduling surgery is done between the doctor’s office and the patient, patients are more likely to get in sooner for their procedure at an outpatient facility. Because a surgery center does not manage an emergency room environment and all procedures are planned, it is also less likely that a procedure will be delayed or rescheduled. This makes it easier for patients to plan for their recovery and get back to feeling their best with fewer surprises.

  1. Low infection rates.

When it comes to patient safety, there is no difference between a hospital and a surgery center. Accredited surgery centers like MVSC meet or exceed an extensive set of criteria including infection prevention standards. That means surgery centers have an excellent track record of providing safe patient care, and as a result, surgery centers experience a very low infection rate.

  1. Specializations that matter.

Outpatient surgery centers offer a wide range of specialty care. Those specialties are another reason why they’re able to offer a more personalized, patient-centered health care experience.

From start to finish, the MVSC team takes pride in its commitment to high-quality health care and high standards. MVSC is Iowa’s only AAAHC Advanced Orthopaedic and Spine Certified surgery center, requiring the staff to participate in ongoing self-evaluation, peer review and education. Building relationships and trust between patients and the staff gives everyone on the MVSC team satisfaction at the end of the day.

  1. Recover in the comfort of home.

Because outpatient surgery center providers specialize in the procedures they perform, they can fully concentrate on the patient’s experience to ensure safe and quality outcomes. Just like in hospital operating rooms, medical professionals follow a very specific set of protocols and procedures that consistently lead to excellent results for surgical patients.

Outpatient care can be much less stressful for patients, knowing they can recover at home. Most patients go home 1-3 hours after their procedure, with guidance from post-op nurses on what to expect and home care instructions.

  1. It’s cost effective.

Many patients think that specialized care at a surgery center is more expensive than a hospital. In fact, the personalized experience offered at an outpatient surgery center like MVSC typically costs less. Outpatient surgery centers are highly specialized and function on a much smaller scale, allowing them to provide services at a lower price than full-service hospitals. Data from the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association shows that the average surgical cost is cut by more than half at a surgery center compared to a hospital for the same procedures.

The convenience, cost savings and access to the best care are the top reasons why more patients are choosing outpatient surgery centers like MVSC.☺

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